Bachelor Econometrics


How many people leave their car at home more often when fuel excise duty increases? What is the effect of interest-rate changes by the central bank on growth and inflation? Those are the issues that econometrists deal with. You capture econometric realities in mathematical models. Do you want to learn how this analysis translates into economic policy? If so, you should study Econometrics in Amsterdam.

Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam: Is it for you?

  • Mathematics in one of your favorite subjects. You study mathematics at the highest possible level and achieve good grades for it.
  • You see yourself working for a multinational company, a bank, CBP Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis or a consultancy.
  • You like number puzzles, you're good at abstract thinking and you have a strong analytical capacity.
  • You achieve high marks in English (a great deal of the academic literature in this programme is in English).
  • You are capable of working independently: you know how to use a library! Initiative and inquisitiveness are also of great value.

Part-time study

Econometrics cannot be studied part-time.

Watch the presentation

If you're interested in learning more about this programme, you can watch the video presentation by programme director Dr Maurice Koster and student Stine Helmke. The content of the video is similar to the story told during the UvA Bachelor's day. 

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VSAE student association

The VSAE student association supports students in Actuarial Science and Econometrics  during their studies and has many resources for international students settle. Read more about VSAE at 'Meet the people'.


BSc Econometrics
180 EC, 36 maanden

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